Scientific Reports (IF 4.011) Accepted Publication!

Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos in his capacity as corresponding author was informed that the manuscript entitled “Degradation and mineralization of 4-tert-butylphenol in water using Fe-doped TiO2 catalysts” was accepted for publication in Scientific Reports (2018 Impact Factor 4.011). The participation of all co-authors is gratefully acknowledged, namely of Ardak Makhatova, Gaukhar Ulykbanova, Shynggys Sadyk, Kali Sarsenbay, Timur Sh. Atabaev, and Vassilis J. Inglezakis. This research was funded by the Nazarbayev University ORAU project “Noble metals nanocomposites hyper-activity in heterogeneous non-catalytic and catalytic reactions (HYPERMAT)”, SOE2019012 (2019-2021), Grant Number 110119FD4536. The technical support of Core Facilities of Nazarbayev University is also greatly acknowledged.

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