Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab – 3e.429

The Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab under the direction of Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos, Associate Professor at the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, supported successfully the lab sessions for the 3rd year UG students and the 1st year MSc and PhD students of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department during Fall 2019 semester. Specifically, 24 lab sessions were offered in the context of the Chemical Reaction Engineering course, and 8 lab sessions in the context of Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering course. The lab supported also the Research Practice course of 9 3rd year UG students, which amounted to about 60 experiments in total. The experienced members of the photo group of Dr. Poulopoulos, namely Gaukhar Ulykbanova (Teaching Assistant), Ardak Makhatova (Research Assistant), Saule Mergenbayeva (PhD student), and Moldir Duisengalieva (MSc student) assisted in completing this demanding load with success. Special thanks go to Gaukhar Ulykbanova, who bear most of the load with flawless professionalism, absolute safety and profound excellence.

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