Mahboob Abdulla

Assistant professor

Dr. Abdulla Mahboob is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department. He received his PhD from Brock University in Biotechnology in 2014. During his PhD, he worked on reverse-engineering of Photosystem II reactions, replicating them inside a Nanosphere composed of Chemically and Genetically-modified Bacterioferritin protein subunits.


Dr. Mahboob joined Nazarbayev University as an Assistant Professor continuing to work in an area at the crossroads of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology towards alternative fuel sources. Currently, his work in EREC is focused on the conversion of Biomass from Bioremediation reactors to Functional Materials in the form of Carbon Quantum Dots and Graphitic Materials. Dr. Mahboob also headed the University’s iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) team’s effort in 2017 and 2018. The team won a Gold Medal in 2017 and a Gold Medal with Nomination for Best Environmental Project in 2018. iGEM team of Nazarbayev University strives to solve environmental problems in Kazakhstan through Synthetic Biology.

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