Zhakiyenova Almagul

Research assistant


  1. 2013-2015 – L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Master’s degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences

  1. 2009-2013 – Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences.

  1. Staff mobility for teaching in Bialystok University of Technology (Bialystok, Poland) – by Erasmus + program (from 15.05.2017 till 19.05.2017)
  2. International summer school “Ecological state of the lake during restoration measures” Poznań and Wągrowiec(from 24.06.2018 till 08.07.2018)
  3. Current research: Mercury contamination in Pavlodar and Borovoe, Kazakhstan: Evaluation of atmospheric emissions and cycle systems, site assessment, and human health risk characterization.


1) Zhakiyenova A.T., Zhatkanbayev E.E., Zhatkanbaeva Zh.K. "Nickel leaching of oxide ores Bugetkol field" International bilingual scientific journal "Science Way» № 9 (Russia, Sverdlovsk, November 2014);

2) Zhakiyenova A.T., Zhatkanbayev E.E., Zhatkanbaeva Zh.K., "The review of existing technologies for processing of silicate nickel-cobalt ores" VII International scientific-practical conference "Native Science in the changes: the postulates of the past and the new theory of time" (Ekaterinburg, Russia 2015);

3) Zhakiyenova A.T., Zhatkanbaev E.E., Zhatkanbaeva Zh.K. "Hydrometallurgical Production of Nickel Ores from Field Bugetkol", 18th International Conference on Geology, Geotechnology and Seismology, June 2016, Toronto, Canada

4) Ye. Ye. Zhatkanbayev, A. T. Zhakiyenova, Zh. K. Zhatkanbayeva, A. K. Kolpek redox system Fe2+:Fe3+ at an underground leaching of uranium, Sofia, Bulgaria, Vol.41, No 2, 2018, p.215-230.

5) Guney, M., Korobeinyk, A., Akhmetvaliyeva, Z., Karaca, F., Ingleziakis, V. J., Zhakiyenova, A. “Mercury in the Environment Near a Former Chlor-Alkali Plant: Preliminary Findings”, The 5th Korea-Kazakhstan International Seminar for Industrial Development: “Better Understanding on Energy Engineering and Environmental Industry in Korea & Kazakhstan”, 8 November 2018, Astana, Kazakhstan.

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Location : Astana