Dr. Ming Yang is an Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at Nazarbayev University. Dr. Yang’s research involves using modeling methods to create innovative and effective solutions to engineering environmental and safety problems. Much of his work focuses on development of quantitative and qualitative approaches for environmental, risk, and safety management for oil and gas operations.

Dr. Yang aims to establish a collaborative research program in process environmental and safety engineering for oil and gas, and mining operations. The challenges of environmental, safety and integrity management of process operations arise from technological, economic, and environmental constraints. It requires a focused multidisciplinary approach to identify, understand, assess and evaluate challenges, and to develop appropriate safe and economical solutions. The proposed research program will contribute towards the advancements of knowledge, technology, and training in multidisciplinary areas such as process safety, occupational safety and environmental management of operations in any subsections of oil and gas or other energy industries. Dr. Yang has published over 40 papers in some of the well-known journals in process safety engineering, such as Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Safety Science, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, etc.


Jan. 2019 A paper titled “Quantitative Resilience Assessment of Process Systems Operating in Harsh Environment” has been accepted in “4th Symposium on Safety and Integrity Management of Operations in Harsh Environments: Risk, Reliability and Resilience”.

March. 2019 A paper titled “Probabilistic Assessment of Integrated Safety and Security related Abnormal Events: a case of Chemical Plants” was published in Safety Science, 113: 115-125.

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